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Currently Reading…”Travels with Charley”

12 Jul


Do you ever get that wonderful feeling when you start reading a book and you just know a few pages in that it is going to be one of your new favorites? I recently got that feeling while reading the book, “Travels with Charley: in Search of America”, a travel memoir, by John Steinbeck. In this book, Steinbeck recounts the months he spent on the road with his dog, Charley, trying to see the U.S. for what it really is, not just the big cities and tourist traps. As you can tell from this blog, I love to travel and anyone who knows me can you tell you how obsessed I am with my dog, Oliver, whom I consider to be the first mate of my roadtrip adventures, so I knew this was the book for me.  I highly suggest this book to any roadtrip lovers like me, who think the US has a lot more to offer when it comes to travel than people give it credit for. Happy reading!