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Doc You Should Watch

23 Jul


I often get teased by roommates about all of the documentaries (mostly historical) that live in our Netflix queue. What can I say? I’ve always loved myself a good documentary, especially those done by the great Ken Burns. One of these documentary series that had been taking up space in the Netflix queue for quite some time, which I just recently got around to was, “The National Parks: America’s Best Idea”. Anyone who enjoys the wonders of the National Parks and doesn’t mind sitting down for a history lesson every once in a while, will eat this doc up. I highly recommend you check out this gorgeous, informational, and dare I say, exciting doc series!

Also, I have to admit that I did cry while watching this series. You know you’re a nerd when….

What are some of your favorite documentary series? Any other Ken Burns lovers out there?


Planning my trip to Asheville

17 Jul

Happy Wednesday, everyone! As I’ve mentioned previously on the blog, I will be traveling to Asheville in August for a quick weekend trip to attend a wedding. I won’t have too much time to explore the city while I’m there, but in the time I do have, I want to focus on visiting some of the historical places that Asheville has to offer. As much as I love to hike and do brewery tours, which are quite plentiful in Asheville, I want to save that stuff for when I visit again with my roommates. I’m just excited to be able to cross one off the travel bucket list! Here are some of the places I would like to see while I’m there:

1. The Biltmore: The Biltmore is a place I’ve always wanted to tour and luckily enough for me, the wedding is taking place there, so I’ll be able to see the estate and attend an event there. Gotta love two birds with one stone when it comes to travel, right?

2. Thomas Wolfe Memorial: I’ll admit, I don’t know too much about Thomas Wolfe and I’m not familiar with his writings, but from checking out the website it looks like a gorgeous, old house and I am not one to pass up a tour of a historical house!

3. Pack Square: This isn’t technically a historic site, it’s more like an area, but I think it would be nice to walk around one of the districts of the city to check out some shops and really get a feel for the city and it’s culture.

4. Downtown Asheville Historic District: This historic area is similar to Pack Square, in that I more so plan on walking around the historic district and seeing what I stumble on. I think sometimes the best finds, are the ones you happen upon while exploring a city!

I used the National Parks Service’s Travel Itinerary on Asheville to get an idea of what I should see while I’m there. I highly recommend checking out their other historic travel itineraries too, it is a great resource and they have many on different cities, regions, and historic themes. I actually used to work for this department of NPS and I could go on for hours about how fantastic this program is, but I’ll save that ramble for another day and another post!

Have any of you guys ever been to Asheville or have any recommendations of historic places to see or places to eat/shop/get a delicious coffee? Let me know!

My favorite travel apps

16 Jul

There are several apps I like to use while traveling that I thought I would share with you guys!

1. Google Maps


This one is kind of obvious, but for someone who is as directionally challenged as I am, it’s a necessity. I typically use my GPS while I’m driving to save battery life on my phone, but I’ve found that using the walking selection can be very helpful when trying to walk your way through a new city or unfamiliar place!

2. History Here


The History Here app was created by the History Channel to help you find historic places located near you. As a history nerd, it always makes my heart flutter to see my location on the map surrounded by little red dots. I like using this app when I’m road tripping, so when I stop off at a random exit to get gas or food, I can see if there is anything historical nearby I might want to check out for a mini detour.

3. Food Tripping


This app was created through a partnership with SHFT and Ford. I love food tripping because it’s a restaurant locater app that doesn’t include fast food. The purpose of this app is to help you find local places that have specialty or healthier options. You can search for eateries, farmers’ markets, food markets, coffee & tea places, juice joints & smoothies, and vegan & vegetarian options. I think one of the best parts of road trips is going to local places that you would otherwise not have access to because it makes your trip more personal and memorable!

4. All Trails


This app is a must have for all hiking fans. Sort of like the History Here app, it pinpoints your location and informs you of hiking trails that are close by. The app tells you how far these trails are from you, how long the trails are, how strenuous they are, and includes user reviews of the trails. I often get the urge to stretch my legs and take my co-pilot (aka my dog, Oliver) for long walks, especially when we’re on the road, and this app helps me do just that!

5. AAA


This app goes along with my AAA membership, so while the app is free, it is useless unless you have a membership with AAA. I actually haven’t used this app yet, but it makes me feel a lot better knowing I have it. I know that if something happened to my car, I would be able to get roadside assistance by using the app, if for some reason I didn’t have my AAA card or info on me. The AAA app also gives you maps, directions, help with travel planning, and access to member discounts. It’s always a good feeling to know that if something bad happens to your car on the road, that you have some sort of back-up plan.

To the best of my knowledge, all of these apps are free and they have definitely come in handy for me many times while traveling! What are some of your favorite apps to use while traveling, or just in general? I would love to hear any suggestions of ones to add to my phone!